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Piedras Negras, Yaxchilán & the Usumacinta River

The majestic and powerful Usumacinta River crossing through the Lacandon Jungle Tropical Reserve on both sides of Mexico and Guatemala makes way to a long desired place to visit, Piedras Negras, widely documented by scholar Tatiana Prouskouriakov of Harvard Peabody Museum during the second half of the last century with the a team of famous Mayanists, now is coming within reach.

The people in the community of Bethel, on the Usumacinta border with Mexico, have been the masters in crossing this tricky part of the river. We can offer you this splendid opportunity to visit Piedras Negras and learn about the research project and park protection program at Sierra Lancandón National Park.

Day 1
Departure from Flores by car to Bethel, motor boat transportation to the border check  point on Mexico's side of Corozal, navigation for over half a day along the Usumacinta spotting some magnifecent views like Los Chorros, islets and sand beaches and the falls of Mubiljá before reaching Piedras Negras. Camp and overnight at Piedras Negras.

Day 2
Hike to to the archeological compound, visit and exploration of the site during the day. Lunch at the site. Camp and overnight at Piedras Negras.

Day 3
Motor boat ride up-stream the Usumacinta to Yaxchilán, stop at the site for a visit and box lunch. Yaxchilán was a large center, important throughout the Classic era, and the dominant power of the Usumacinta River area. It dominated such smaller sites as Bonampak, and was long allied with Piedras Negras and at least for a time with Tikal; it was a rival of Palenque, with which Yaxchilán warred in 654.

Continue to Bethel and land transfer to Flores.

You can also organize your trip as to land in Corozal if you wish to continue to Villa Hermosa and Palenque in Mexico, or the other way around, we can meet you in Corozal, show you Piedras Negras and Yaxchilán and continue to Tikal, Guatemala and other places.

Please contact us for more details.