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El Perú- Waká & Buena Vista Trail

This tour can be arranged to visit El Perú only, eliminating the first day at the Buena Vista Trail.

El Perú archaeological site represents a well known breeding ground and offers visitors the unique opportunity to observe the Scarlet Macaw bird. Your visit to this protected area helps to redefine the value of birds and creates a consciousness for the preservation of the standing forests, making it difficult for poachers to manoeuvre.

Day 1
6:00 Departure from Flores. Land transfer to Paso Caballos, a Maya Qe´qchí
agricultural community 80 km northwest of Flores in the heart of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Arrival at Paso Caballos for a traditional breakfast at the community
Hike to Buena Vista Trail with a stop over at Laguna de Yalá for lunch. Continue to the Buena Vista cliffs for camp and overnight.
Nocturnal wild life observation and sound recording at the Buena Vista Camp´s forest.

Day 2
6:00 am or earlier, bird watching and wild life observation over at the top of
Buena Vista cliff overlooking the southern jungle and the wetlands to
west of Petén accompanied by your local guide and assistants.
Return to camp for breakfast. Camp lifting and return hike
to Paso Caballos to board our motor boat on Río San Pedro heading for
El Perú landing spot on the shores of the rivers. Camping and exploration of the Research Camp nearby. Diner and camp at El Perú.

Day 3
6:00 am Breakfast at El Perú and afterwards, head towards the archaeological site of El Perú and the breeding grounds of the Scarlet Macaw bird. Lunch at the archaeological site. Afternoon motor boat trip to the Sacluc river for aquatic fauna observation and return to Paso Caballos. Land transfer to Flores.

Service includes: transportation by 4x4 pick-up truck or other (Flores-Paso Caballos-Flores) and motor boat transportation on San Pedro River, Spanish speaking guide, all meals, purified water and camping equipment (tents, mosquito nets and bed sheets.)