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Ceibal - Aguateca - Dos Pilas & Extension to Yaxchilán - Usumacinta River

The old waterways of the ancient Maya on the Southwest end of Petén can make unforgettable memories of this part of the world. Rivers, archaeological parks and protected areas will give you a glimpse of the Maya centers, which rivaled with the magnificent city of Tikal. Now we know that the lordships of Dos Pilas, Ceibal and Aguateca at some point in time battled the mighty cities of Tikal and Calakmul, becoming the lords of the Rio La Pasión basin. The communities of El Escarbado, Sayaxché and small business entrepreneurs have an interest and work with Tikal Connection in sharing and helping in the preservation of these sites for the benefit, enjoyment and  learning of our visitors.

Day 1
8:00 Land transfer to Sayaxché by car to the banks of Río La Pasión
Motor boat trip to Ceibal Archaeological Park and Natural Reserve on the southwest shore of the river.
Arrival at the site and hike to the archaeological grounds to visit the main plaza and the main stela of the main plaza regarded as some of finest stone carving works by the Maya, complex A, B, C, the circular pyramid and the ball court structures. Return by boat to Sayaxché and continue up the Petexbatún stream to a local eco-lodge on the shores of Petexbatún Lagoon for dinner and overnight.

Day 2
7:00 After breakfast, motor boat transfer to Paso Caribe for trekking to the archaeological site of Dos Pilas, (12Km. through a jungle pathway), passing through Arroyo de Piedra for registration. Upon arrival at Dos Pilas, break for refreshing at the water springs (from which the name of Dos Pilas come from), visit of the archaeological emplacement, the hieroglyphic stairway, the rescued stellae, the pyramid of El Duende and the archaeologists camp. After lunch, return to Paso Caribe and return boat to the lodge. Overnight and diner at the lodge.

Day 3
8:00 After breakfast, motor boat trip to the south end of Laguna de Petexbatún for a visit of the natural fortress  for a visit of the newly excavated structures and plazas, the natural gorge of Aguateca and the main plaza with its beautiful carved stellae. Return to the lodge for lunch and back down the Petexbatún river to Sayaxché. Return drive to Flores.

You can extend your trip to Yaxchilán and the Usumacinta river either before or after visiting Ceibal- Aguateca and Dos Pilas with a modified schedule that will allow you to visit the beautiful site of Yaxchilan on an enourmous bend of the Usumacinta river in Mexican territory.

Services include:
Land transfers Flores- Sayaxché - Flores, Bethel- Flores, motor boat transportation on Río de La Pasión, the Petexbatún river and Laguna de Petexbatún, and Usumacinta river; escort to the sites, (English speaking guide can be requested), two nights accommodation, box lunches and meals, entrance fee to Ceibal, entrance to Yaxchilán.

Note: Times and schedules are subject to change by the operator due to weather or adverse conditions that may at some point endanger or discomfort the well being of participants.