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The Maya Biosphere Reserve in Northern Guatemala's Petén region is the largest intact tropical rainforest in Central America. Established in 1990, the 3.75 million-acre reserve protects seven core areas, including four national parks and three wildlife reserves called “Biotopos” in Spanish. Jaguars, tapirs, monkeys and peccaries call this region home. Half of Guatemala's 664 bird species live in the forest as well.

Once the center of the Maya civilization, Petén is home to hundreds of archeological sites and unexcavated mounds. The most renowned of these is the ancient Maya city, Tikal. Guatemala's beautiful natural resources and rich historical wonders are not solely for the admiring eyes of nature lovers. For Guatemalans the areas of biological diversity represent unique income generation possibilities. Travel to the Petén region has traditionally consisted of one to two day excursions. This has meant that local communities have received few benefits from tourism and visitors have missed opportunities to explore ecological, cultural, and other archaeological riches that Petén has to offer. To address these issues, we as Tikal Connection are working to commercialize community-based ecotourism businesses which will encourage visitors to explore the abundant beauty found in the Mayan Biosphere Reserve and an opportunity to interact with the locals who inhabit this protected area.